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Breeders and Exhibitors of AKC Bulldogs, located in beautiful Wisconsin on the Mississippi River.

Welcome to

I am a small hobby breeder of (English) Bulldogs, breeding for conformation, health, and temperament. My family began our journey with our first bulldog, Spartacus, in 2010. He introduced us to this amazing breed and opened our eyes to how truly fun and versatile this breed is! He inspired me to showcase his charming and charismatic nature, and though he never became a part of my breeding program, his legacy is represented in our logo and in the fun opportunities our dogs get to pursue thanks to the love of training he inspired and how he opened our eyes to the joy and bonding we experience with our dogs because of him. 

I compete in AKC conformation, AKC Rally, Obedience, and dabble in other funtivities with our dogs. I breed to produce my next show hopeful following the AKC breed standard as our guide, and to provide other families the opportunity to experiencew the wonderful, full life a well-bred Bulldog can enjoy. I believe bulldogs can have it all- beauty, health, AND brains!

I strongly believe it is my responsibility to provide the very best in care when raising my puppies. I am an active member of several groups dedicated to advanced mother and puppy care, attend seminars yearly to further my knowledge and education, and have completed and am enrolled in several other online curriculums designed to produce healthy, happy puppies and support their mothers.

Everbull puppies are raised following the Puppy Culture protocols for development so we can be sure our puppies will be sound, confident, and intelligent members of your family! Puppy Culture is “the gold standard” for rearing and socializing puppies from the whelping box to their new home. It starts at the very beginning as I plan for our litters, influences prenatal care, and continues through the critical weeks they are here with us. Finally, it guides us in the steps we follow as your puppy transitions to your home. We provide you with tools to support your growing puppy. Puppy Culture is a group of protocols supported by science and top experts in their field. It includes ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) which is used from the very beginning, to give our puppies the very best start at life. It further incorporates steps to address important developmental periods, fear stages, potty training, crate training, communicating with you (manding), problem solving and leash walking so that by the time your new puppy is ready to go home it is well on its way to being a good citizen and member of your household! Our puppies are empowered to learn how to think, not just follow commands, making them easier to train and communicate with you throughout their lifetime! Since it is such a large part of our Everbull puppies’ experience, I encourage you to visit our "Raising Puppies" page and the Puppy Culture website, which can be found by clicking the buttons below for more information. 

Other resources and curriculums utilized include: Avidog, Susan Garrett's Crate Games, AKC Canine College, and Madcap University advanced courses that go beyond the original scope of Puppy Culture. Seminars attended include Dr. Marty Greer DVM JD, Myra Savant- Harris RN, AKC Breeder Symposium, Canine Theriogenology for Dog Enthusiasts through the University of Minnesota, canine nutrition courses, advanced canine anatomy and fitness.

I'd like to sincerely thank you for considering adding an Everbull Bulldog to your family! We so look forward to getting to know you!

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