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How We Raise Our Puppies

From The Whelping Box to Your Home

We are honored that you would take the time to learn about our program. Our dogs make our family whole and we hope to help other loving families learn all they can about the breed, the importance of the Standard, and finding a responsible and skilled breeder to work with!

Raising Puppies

As a guardian of the breed I seek to promote and preserve the AKC written standard that has been put in place for over 100 years virtually unchanged. This standard focuses on the health, temperament, attitude, and physical characteristics that made you fall in love with Bulldogs!

I believe that every puppy deserves to be given the very best opportunity to live a healthy, happy long life with their family. It's with that sentiment that I carefully select each breeding, paying attention to the parents' temperament, health, structural and mental soundness, and overall conformation and how each of these work together to make sound and healthy puppies that can do the things their families hope they can do. This is also why I believe it is so very important to carefully match puppies with their new families. It is my strong desire to do the very best I can to raise confident, curious puppies, which is why I have spent years researching, attending seminars, assisting other breeders before I ever bred a litter of my own. Below are some of the steps I take to ensure each puppy has the very best start at life. If you have any questions about anything you see here, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Prenatal Planning

Each litter is carefully planned for, from the selection of sire and dam, to carefully stocking our supplies with appropriate nutritional food and supplements for the hopeful momma-to-be. Once pregnancy is confirmed additional steps to support her during this time includes prenatal massage, providing easy access to safe, quiet space should she desire it, top veterinary care by canine reproductive specialists.

Individual Attention for Each Puppy

Beginning at birth, each puppy is handled as much as the dam will permit, cuddled, nails maintained for healthy foot development, and Early Neurological Stimulation is applied once per day on days 3-16 provided puppies are thriving and not stressed per the latest guidelines. As they grow, additional one-on-one play time and age-appropriate socialization is introduced beginning around day 14.

Puppy Culture & Milestones

The protocols laid out by the Puppy Culture program are a fantastic way to stay cognizant of each puppy and each litter's developmental milestones. These carefully studied milestones guide us through the best timeline to work on socialization, training, and other methods to support their development as appropriate for each stage. Gentle, soothing handling of each puppy as much as possible each day beginning from day 1 provides additional benefits to the puppy neurological system above and beyond those of ENS alone. Appropriate introduction of tactile stimulation, sound desensitization, startle response recovery, and shaping (positive) emotional responses are all carefully and thoughtfully provided to each puppy as appropriate for the puppy's developmental milestones.

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